Navy Destroyer Intercepts Mexican Invaders

A U.S. Navy destroyer stops four Mexicans in a row boat rowing towards California.

US Navy Destroyer
US Navy Destroyer

The Captain gets on the loud hailer and shouts, “Ahoy, small craft. Where are you headed?”
Mexican Invasion Craft
Mexican Invasion Craft

One of the Mexicans puts down his oar, stands up, and shouts, “We are invading the United States of America

To reclaim the territory taken by the United States during the 1800’s!”

The entire crew of the destroyer doubles over in laughter.

When the Captain is finally able to catch his breath, he gets back on the loud hailer and asks, “Just the four of you?”

The same Mexican stands up again and shouts,
“No. We’re the last four. The other 53 million are already there!”

Way to Go Obama


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