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All the President’s Muses: Obama and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Enjoy the corruption, you can taste it, smells like government — Mr. TakeDown

President Barack Obama meets with, from left: Kathryn Ruemmler, Lisa Monaco, and Susan E. Rice (White House Flickr photo by Pete Souza)  Read more at Follow us: @newyorkobserver on Twitter | newyorkobserver on Facebook
President Barack Obama meets with, from left: Kathryn Ruemmler, Lisa Monaco, and Susan E. Rice (White House Flickr photo by Pete Souza)
Follow us: @newyorkobserver on Twitter | newyorkobserver on Facebook
As Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski has written, prosecutorial misconduct has become “an epidemic.” And evidence has come to light that our president, the nation’s chief law enforcement official, seeks his counsel from the worst.

If ever a picture was worth a thousand words, it is a recently released White House photo of President Obama and his muses—if one only knew the truth behind those muses whispering in the President’s ear as they strategized in the aftermath of the Benghazi tragedy. To understand the (politely-put) “lack of transparency” from the White House, the enormous politicization of the Department of Justice, the release of Taliban leaders from Guantanamo, refusal to cooperate with congressional investigations, the IRS’s harassment of political opponents, and the cover-up of Benghazi, read on.
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California – Some Communities Could Run Out Of Water Within 4 Months

California Drought
California Drought
We got a bullet train to nowhere that’s not a bullet train at all. But yes we have no water. Are you thirsty yet? — Mr TakeDown

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports

As the drought in California continues, 17 communities throughout the state could run out of water within 60 to 120 days, state officials said.

In some districts, the wells are running dry while other reservoirs are nearly empty. The state Health Department compiled a list after surveying the more than 3,000 water agencies in California last week.
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92 Million Americans Not Working

Obama's War on Prosperity
Obama’s War on Prosperity
January 10, 2014
by Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: The jobs number came out. And I’ll tell you, I have never seen anything like this, either. We now have 92 million Americans not working. We created the equivalent of 1,700 jobs per state in December. One of the highest employment months of the year. December’s hiring traditionally is so good that the experts in the Drive-By Media were expecting 196,000 jobs to be created or begun, recorded in December, and the number came in at 74,000 jobs. So 74,000 jobs, and half of these jobs are part time, meaning under 30 hours. The media is scratching their heads over that. They can’t figure that out.
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A Plea for Caution. A Joke That Tells All?


A Plea for Caution From Russia; That was the title of my op-ed, published in Thursday’s New York Times. Yes, the op-ed that went right into Barack Obama’s face.

I started the op-ed by talking up the importance of peace. As my Soviet predecessors knew, one should always talk up the importance of peace, because some people love the word so much that they will believe anything you say in the name of peace.

So I praised the United Nations as a bastion of peacemaking since 1945. That’s not true, of course, because the UN did nothing in the face of hundreds of wars, including some started by the USSR and then Russia.

Yet the liberal-left–that is to say, the bulk of the Times readership, in the US and around the world–still clings to the idea of the UN. Why? I think the UN satisfies their need to believe in something. Kind of soft and pathetic, I know, but hey, I don’t make the rules–I just benefit by them.

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